Vacation Home Property Management Services

Affordable Vacation Rentals LLC Property Management Services

When purchasing a vacation home, you should consider a property management company just as seriously as you would consider your real estate agent and the home you purchase. Owning a Condo or Vacation home should be a fun and rewarding experience, we are available to assist you with everything you will need. We know what it takes to run a successful vacation rental management company. Providing quality Homes & Condos, cleaned by people who care, and providing quality customer service is what sets us apart from the rest. Whether you are renting with us or putting your rental in our hands as an owner you can be sure that we try to put our best foot forward every single day.

We know Marketing.

With 25 years of sales & marketing experience, we are more than qualified to make the decisions ecessary to drive traffic to our properties. Our multi-channel marketing program is implemented and managed by a highly experienced and motivated team of marketing professionals, which includes our owners Dan & Kathy as well as DSL, one of the most respected marketing and advertising agencies on the Grand Strand.

We produce Reservations.

Friendly, knowledgeable and caring, our Reservations Team sets the stage for a positive vacation experience, yet have the experience necessary to pursue every Inquiry to a yes/no conclusion.

We are committed to Guests Service.

We maintain extended office hours to answer guest inquiries and offer assistance when needed. We also maintain an extensive inventory of items that guest may require in the event there is something missing from a vacation property.

Owner services.

Each home owner in our program is set up with a personalized online account, kept secure with a unique login and password. Through this system, you are able to access monthly statements, occupancy reports and request owner reservations.

We Account for everything.

Our accounting system reconciles everything at the end of the month and generates your statement and a check. All checks are mailed by the 8th of the month.

It's your home - you can use it!

We recognize that the vacation rental that we care for and market is ultimately your home - to do with as you wish. Affordable Vacation Rentals makes it as easy as possible for owners to book and arrange to stay in their own home, or to rent it to paying guests whenever they want. We provide an easy, on-line booking system that allows you to block out your calender for yourself, friends and family. You can look at your calendar anytime and tell what we have booked and what you have booked.There are no restrictions placed on how many times an owner books their guests or stays in their own property and we do not "dictate" the nightly rental rate you are allowed to rent it for - like some of our competitors do.

What we expect!

We expect a mutual respect from our partners. If Affordable Vacation Rentals wins a booking we update the main reservation calender, which updates your personal calender instantly. We expect you to honor that reserved booking. In turn - we will respect any booking or stay date that you place in your property calender without quibble or argument.

What we recommend!

We recommend that, if you can, to wait until the last moment to book your own visits in to the property. A number of our owners book and stay in other owners properties for this reason - it leaves their unit available to be booked with a paying guest who provides a better rate - so they end up effectively being paid to come to the beach.

Adding your vacation home to our program of rental management services!

Quite simply, we provide quality service and care for our owners property like it is our own. We welcome owners from other companies who are tired of the "same old" excuses - because it gives them something to compare Affordable Vacation Rentals against!

Many owners have questions about how to join us here are most of the questions and answers:

The Enrollment Folio is a single document that you will need to complete, it contains some questions about your property, and any information that you will need to provide us to join our program. In addition, we will include our rental management agreement. To get the Enrollment Folio simply give us a call. We will mail or email the documents to you. Fill them out and Fax or email them back to us. All we will need at that point is a key, which you can forward by mail.

How much are the initial costs to join your program?

There is an initial charge of 125.00 to put your condo or home on our program. This pays for the set up of your rental unit; multiple keys cut, new lock box installation, Inspection of unit and a detailed list of anything that needs to be brought up to date or replaced and inclusion into our digital marketing program.

What are your monthly fees?

We have No monthly fees. We do a commission split based on the gross rental dollars. This is pay for performance, and gives us the motivation to maximize the rentals of your unit.

Property Condition & Grading

As part of the Initial enrollment process we will inspect and rate your property on a scale of A-D. Keep in mind that A & B units will always generate more rental dollars. We can help you with advice on some cost effect decorating ideas. Normally we can help you update your unit for a total cost of a few hundred dollars. Just ask! Remember that a home or condo that is in shabby condition hurts the Image of the company and all the other rentals in the program. So don't hesitate to ask for help. In this industry it is very expensive to generate a new customer (renter), so it is vitally important that we take very good care of the ones that we get. There needs to be a focus on repeat business. Here is a list of common sense items that need to be addressed. It is amazing how many property owners ignore the basics.

To Encourages Repeat Business
  • Comfortable Beds & Furniture
  • Internet Service 
  • Well-Stocked Kitchen
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Games and Books
  • Quality Porch Furniture
  • Outdoor Grills & Picnic Areas
  • Good Lighting
  • Spacious Living & Dining Areas
  • Nice looking bedspreads and blankets.
  • Art for the walls (does not have to be expensive, Target etc) just needs to be beachy.
  • Excellent Audio/Video - TVs in every bedroom, main room big-screen TV, DVD Players, CD/MP3.
Detrimental to repeat business, and insures that we will not see this customer again
  • Old, Worn Furnishings
  • Uncomfortable, Worn-out Mattresses
  • Old, Damaged Pots & Pans
  • Mis-matched Dinnerware
  • Dark, Gloomy Rooms
  • Crowded or Cluttered Spaces 

For Questions, Please call. 843 492-7405 or [email protected]
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